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The last outdoor session this year – we both got really cold, but… wasn’t it worth it?


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Wedding with a twist

Two absolutely crazy and wonderful friends of ours. Wedding far, far, away (well, at least for me!), the bride in trousers and the groom in a skirt (and he’s not from Scotland). Balkan music, Polish food, international guests. That was something! And just before you start, I wanted to say a bit ‘Thank you’ to Kasia Korza […]


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5 pictures only. Chosen by the bride for your pleasure :)


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Hugo & Co.

A handful of summer memories from a walk (or should I say ‘run’?) with Hugo and his parents. It was so warm!


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Baby on board – Part 2.

As promised…    


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Baby on board! Part 1.

I’m actually presenting this session backwards :)  Never mind, just come back in a while for some more of it, and for now enjoy a few photos of this beautiful couple, waiting for their first baby (due to arrive almost exactly on Xmas Eve – what a timing, huh?).


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Tango code

No words, just link:

tango code247

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Late October

Far, far away, such a different world…  


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Jurate & Andrus

Have you ever experienced being the only person at Picadilly Circus? It’s almost like in one of those movies where the world suddenly stops, and everybody else disappears. This is how we felt on that warm Sunday morning, starting our walk at the Amor. See what happened next…


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Where should I start?

So, I finally managed to move to my new blog! For those who have not seen the previous one, I decided to publish some of my first sessions –  Iva & Tomas, Eliza & Pawel, the awesome ;) G. family.  And if you are among those who have already seen them, don’t give up just yet […]

10 Iva_Tomas2331

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