Bye Bye Dress photo sessions (NEW)

Have you ever wished you could put your wedding gown on again? Have you secretly taken it out of the box, months after the wedding, tried it on and wished you could wear it one more time? Have you ever felt sad that the dress of your dreams, the one you took months to choose, would now be sold/ stored in the darkest corner of the wardrobe/ forgotten?

If yes, this idea is for you! (and let me tell you: you’re not the only one who’s done these things ;))

I take an enormous pleasure in photographing women and photographing weddings, so I decided to merge these two and offer unique ‘Bye Bye Dress’ photo sessions to women who would like to wear their wedding gowns again. No men, just you and the dress. Without makeup or with the support of a stylist. You can trash the dress or you can cherish it, all up to you. The important thing: you give it a proper send-off and keep the photos, as memories of that special outfit you dreamed of when you were a little girl.

So, don’t be shy and get in touch for more details!




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