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Did you see the date on my last post here? 7 months ago! And the photos I am posting are even older than that… I have a good excuse for this delay (more about it next time), but today wanted to share some shots I really, really like. Nina, parents and the dog :)


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Sunday morning family session

A quick one, between pancakes, gossip and catching up with an old friend :)  

14 ignas_2013_178

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Family P-K, all smiles

You know what’s the best compliment to a photographer shooting a family session? The youngest model crying when you’re about to leave, because it’s been so much fun :) Enjoy the results of this spontaneous family/ maternity photoshoot and let me know if you like them – comments are always highly appreciated. This session is […]


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Kalinka & Co., family session in Warsaw

This session was a gift that Kalinka’s mom got her husband for Christmas. We had agreed to actually take the photos in summer and spent a fun-loaded morning (in crazy heat!) walking around Warsaw University Library gardens and parts of Old Town. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the cherries tasted soooo sweet…


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Tomas (and Agnieszka and John)

I have such a maaaaasive delay with posting on the blog… These were taken in April, half a year ago, when I met Agnieszka and John at their wedding venue. We were only planning to discuss wedding photography details, but as I was picked up by Agnieszka at the train station and met Tomas (their […]


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One man show (and a dog)

I’ve been friends with this young gentleman’s mom since we were both about 6 years old. We rarely see each other, but it’s one of those friendships where it doesn’t matter – when we do meet, we can talk for hours (well, she does most of the talking, but that’s what I love about her!). […]


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Julie, Phil & Sidney (stealing the thunder)

A few photos from a lovely meeting with Julie, Phil and their little boy Sidney, who is just so adorable he puts smile on my face every time I look at these shots. In two months I will meet this guys to photograph their wedding, and honestly, can’t wait!    


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Crazy – family – session – not

My favourite type of photo shoot: let people do what they do and just follow them with the camera. Little posing, loads of fun :)  


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Spread a little love – and win a photo shoot :)

February has arrived and in two weeks we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! This year I’ve decided to prepare something special and invite one of you to a photo shoot with the person (or people) you love, whether they’re your partner, children, sister or best friend :) The session can take place in London or in Warsaw (as I’m […]


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Meet someone special

Little Nina, a daugher of my friends, tiny awesomeness :) And I will be her Godmother – how lucky am I?  


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Family photography: Zosia & Co

Let me tell you: it is NOT easy to photograph 5 women, especially when one of them is just 1 year old and active like a little bee. Yet this was such a rewarding experience (how can it not be when they all look like supermodels?!)! I have had this idea in my head for […]


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Baby photography: Ala

‘Ala rules here’ says the the little plate on Ala’s room door and isn’t that true for every family with a little baby? I am lucky enough to photograph quite a few children these days and one thing I am learning again and again, is that they definitely rule the world they come to ;) A few photos […]


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Little Nina

Iva and Tomas’ beautiful baby girl. Just so absolutely sweet…


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Family J

Sunday morning, coffee, cake, children toys, chill out. And three people with incredibly blue eyes in front of my camera. Meet family J.  


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Meet my youngest model so far, Szymon. Only 24 days old at the time of our session, and soooo sweet…


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