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Hello, remember me?

I have been terrible to my blog lately. Haven’t updated it for ages, but that is only because I have been so busy! The wedding season is kicking off, my new website starts taking shape and I am working on another surprise, which I cannot wait to tell you about, so please keep an eye […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day (and the competition results)

As I am not the most patient person in the world ;) and my ‘other half’ has not come back home yet, I have decided to take matters in my own hands and draw the winner of the photo competition myself. It has been a bit of a challenge with one hand on the camera, but I did manage […]

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Spread a little love – and win a photo shoot :)

February has arrived and in two weeks we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! This year I’ve decided to prepare something special and invite one of you to a photo shoot with the person (or people) you love, whether they’re your partner, children, sister or best friend :) The session can take place in London or in Warsaw (as I’m […]


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It’s almost New Year

Today there will be no photographs. Just a few words, to say ‘Thank you’ to those who have made my 2011 so amazing, wonderful an exceptional. To all wonderful couples who allowed me to be their wedding photographer – I wish you all the best; be always as happy as you were on your wedding day. To all families […]

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I love Rome

My first time in Rome was 2 years ago. We spent a few days during our own honeymoon, walking the streets and eating tones of ice cream, probably the best in the whole world. 2 weeks ago I came back to photograph a wedding of another happy couple, Ewa and Łukasz. Stay tuned for their […]


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Walking & talking

Today something from my private collection :) A memory of a sunny Saturday a few weeks ago, spent in a great company of our close friends. Just a perfect day!  


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Hello Spring!

It’s here, finally!

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Tango code

No words, just link:

tango code247

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Late October

Far, far away, such a different world…  


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