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Adina and Shaun – a few more

From a brief walk on their wedding day. Background: Schloss Benrath


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Adina and Shaun – wedding

This was the first wedding I photographed in Germany :) Great couple, great spot, great atmosphere, enjoy! PS. Some of you may know that rather than charging fees for my photography, I ask for donations to charity organisations. Adina and Shaun kindly supported Kinder Augen Krebs Stiftung – a foundation based in Essen, focusing on […]


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Ania & Paweł – wedding (and party to be remembered!)

What a sweet couple! If I tried to tell you how I met them, it would sound something like: a sister of a friend of a friend of a wife of a friend… so I better not bother with that. Let me just tell you, I am so glad they chose me to photograph their […]

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Bye Bye Dress photo sessions (NEW)

Have you ever wished you could put your wedding gown on again? Have you secretly taken it out of the box, months after the wedding, tried it on and wished you could wear it one more time? Have you ever felt sad that the dress of your dreams, the one you took months to choose, would now be sold/ […]

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Gosia & Andrea – wedding reception in Italy

All brides who would like to wear their wedding dress again, hands up! When Gosia told me that her and Andrea were planning Italian wedding reception for friends and family who could not attend their wedding in Warsaw, I jumped at the opportunity to persuade this lovely bride to wear her gown again. And I was so […]


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Agnieszka & John’s wedding – part 2

The truth is… it never rains at the weddings I photograph. I kept on saying this to Aga days before the wedding and even though it was a cold, cold day, the sun did come out and there was not a single rain drop when Agnieszka and John made their vows in beautiful surroundings of the historical house in Chartwell […]


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Agnieszka & John’s wedding day, part 1

I think Agnieszka and I are soulmates, only she is the warmer, better organised, more patient and simply nicer of the two of us ;) Her and John (who deserves an essay on his own for being one of the nicest people I have ever met) got married on May 5th in Chartwell, a former home of […]


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Gosia & Andrea wedding day, part 2

If you have ever been to a polish wedding party, you will know what ‘Gorzko, gorzko’ stands for. That night I have heard it maybe a thousand times and Gosia & Andrea have never failed to fulfill their guests’ wish to sweaten the vodka :) It was a great night! Venue: Pałacyk Otrębusy  


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Gosia & Andrea wedding day, part 1

So, here is the story. She is Polish, he is Italian. They got married in Warsaw (beautiful church at Plac Grzybowski) and it was amazing. I don’t think I let go of the camera for more than 10 minutes, there was so much going on.  When you are around these two, you know for sure that […]


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Ania & Michal post wedding photo shoot

Place: Park Saski, Warsaw. Couple: Ania & Michal, friends of friends of my friends. Weather: HOT!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy :)


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Julie & Phil – wedding reception and party!

And what a party it was!!! I’m still laughing when I think of the best man’s speech – and this was just a start :) Venue: Fulam Palace, London.


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Julie&Phil – wedding ceremony

Today – continuation of photomemories from Julie & Phil’s big day :) The touching wedding ceremony took place in one of London’s most beautiful churches – Little Oratory, little brother of The London Oratory at Brompton Road. The moment Julie walked down the isle (and stunned all the guests) and the nervous look on Phil’s face – […]


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Julie&Phil’s Hollywood glamour wedding – preparations

This wedding season I have been blessed with the most wonderful couples to photograph. Funny, beautiful and loving people, just a joy to be around – what more can you want? Julie&Phil are one of them and I totally loved photographing their wedding – a day organised by Julie with a theme of ‘Holywood glamour’. […]


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Hm… I’ve been gone for a while

I cannot believe I have not posted on the blog for over a month now! It has been way too long, I know. My only excuse is that I have been really, really busy lately… As a warmup before posts that will soon appear here (I promise), a quick teaser from the wedding of Agnieszka&John […]

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Mariola & Gregor’s wedding day

I just realised that there is one more 2011 wedding waiting to be shown to the world, how did that happen? As there were two photographers on the day (thanks Krzysztof!) , this time I photographed the groom’s preparations and only met the bride in the church. From then on, couldn’t take my eyes (or […]


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